Bacon Cinnamon Rolls


Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Just about the only health benefits you will get from this gooey, sweet and savory confection are the endogenous opioids you body will release and the resulting feelings of that “food coma”. Check out the following article for a very interesting read on why eating high fat, sugary foods can affect the brain in a similar way to cocaine and heroin.

Ingredients needed:

–One pack of bacon.
–One roll of Grands Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls (5)

I used center cut bacon for less fat, but next time I will buy regular bacon, because it is longer. After cooking and letting rest on a paper towel, the grease was absorbed enough.

1. Cook the bacon until just about your preference. It DOES need to be a bit flexible in order to roll.

2. Unroll each cinnamon roll and place the bacon, then roll back up. Some of the cinnamon filling will stick to the surface you are working on, but I just scraped it up with my finger and spread it back on the roll.

Place rolls into a greased spring form pan. I used the smallest size I had but will move up one next time so that they have plenty of room to expand. Place the side of the roll with the end closest to the side of the pan to prevent them from unrolling while baking.

3. Bake for recommended time, cover with icing and enjoy!


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